Emerge Coaching and Consulting Services workshops accelerate your professional development and enhance your ability to manage teams of people. Our workshops are designed for both individual managers and organizations, and can be customized to fit your specific needs. Contact Julie to find out more about these workshops:

Your Attitude is Showing (Driving Forces Workshop)

This workshop focuses on the driving forces that motivate members of your team to action. Learn how your attitude affects your team and your performance. The workshop reveals and explores what your driving forces are. You’ll better understand how they are unique to you and your skills, what it is you truly care about and how it all affects your work. This is the first step in utilizing your inspirations and motivators in a positive and powerful way to drive the results you work toward each day. This is the workshop you if you’re ready to uncover your driving forces and gain control of your success.

Dynamic Communication (Behavioral Workshop)

A team made up of people who know and understand, not only their own, but each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and perspectives is a strong team. And behavioral research suggests the most effective people are those who are aware of and understand both their strengths and weaknesses so they can develop strategies to unleash their full potential and find a higher level of satisfaction.

This workshop is helps you understanding your team’s diverse communications styles, and how each style affects members of your team and each individual role they play. You learn how to reveal hidden talents and skills to create a proficient and successful team. You will understand the different ways each team member communicates, which is essential to building a stronger team and unleashing its true potential, enabling it to transform and grow. And that’s just the beginning. Once you understand each other’s communication styles, you can then learn and recognize the unique traits each person contributes, the motivations that drive actions, the causes of conflict, and how your behaviors and motivators blend together.

Gallup’s Strengthfinder 2.0

This workshop will uncover your team’s untapped talents, and you will learn the strategies for applying those strengths. You will discover how to determine what your team has in common as a group, and how to move that into action. When you understand the strength of each team member, you will be able to build a strong, driven and successful team that works together to deliver the quality results desired. One way to do this is through strengths-based development.

By utilizing this approach, we help teams understand, apply and integrate strengths into their respective roles. Strengths-based development is more than simply identifying people’s talents and strengths, it’s about developing and maximizing those traits to accomplish personal and organizational goals. That’s why we use Gallup’s StrengthsFinder 2.0; assessments that have helped millions of people discover what they do best. These assessments provide the fundamental information needed to learn how to embrace the differences in people, explore the potential that diversity offers to your team and help individuals expand who they naturally are and position them for success.

The Leadership Challenge®

Whether you aspire to reach an executive level in your professional career, or are already there, The Leadership Challenge is designed for project managers who are ready to make the transformation from project manager to project leader.

This group-only workshop coaches you through five essential steps of leadership:

  1. Model the way by clarifying your values, finding your voice and setting the example of aligning your team’s actions with shared values.
  2. Inspire a shared vision of an exciting future by enabling possibilities, engaging others and appealing to shared aspirations.
  3. Challenge your process and search for new opportunities by taking action and seeking innovative ways to improve.
  4. Enable others to take action and encourage collaboration by building trust and strengthening relationships through increasing self-determination and developing proficiency.
  5. Recognize your team member’s contributions by showing appreciation for individual excellence and celebrating the values and victories creating a community of spirit that motivates and inspires everyone.