Through on-going professional development programs orchestrated by Emerge Coaching and Consulting Services, you will see marked improvements in your capacity to lead. If you’re ready to transform your abilities from a project manager into an effective and respected project leader, you’re ready to Emerge.

Individual Coaching Engagement

What drives you? What brings you to action? Identifying and understanding the answers alleviates stress, develops your leadership skills and allows you to be more effective. Emerge will work with you to develop a customized plan of action that enables you to influence others, find success, inspire more responsibility from team members and improve your skills. Julie Soderlund, your professional coach, will work with you personally to accomplish these goals.

We begin your transformation with a personal analysis that identifies what may not be working in your professional life. The brief, yet comprehensive, analysis tool builds awareness of yourself and others, and provides insight into behaviors, driving forces, competencies, and emotional intelligence. By learning and gaining clarity around these insights, we partner with you, in a 6- or 12-month engagement, to start your journey to the life and work you desire.

PNP People Not Process

Emerge created the PNP People Not Process℠ program to help project managers create lasting results that benefit their organization and their team. There are five comprehensive phases of PNP People Not Process℠:

  1. Dynamic Communications – In this phase, you will comprehend DISC, which is the universal language of observable behavior. You will learn to identify your style, and understand and appreciate other people’s style. You will develop a process to communicate with these different styles. This will allow you to address problems and challenges, handle situations, demonstrate pace and consistency and react to procedures and constraints.
  2. Driving Forces / Motivators – Understand the results of your Driving Forces report, and discover what motivates you and inspire action in others. By comparing your Driving Forces with the mainstream, you can formulate an action plan to increase your engagement and enjoyment of your daily activities.
  3. Acumen and Competencies – Research shows that people are most effective when they understand themselves, both strengths and weaknesses, so they can adapt. We use the Tri-Feedback process of professional development, which focuses on three areas:
    • • Personal growth through self-discovery
    • • Improving relationships through enhanced communication and understanding
    • • Professional development by understanding how potential strengths and weaknesses affect on-the-job performance
  4. Emotional Intelligence – We use the Emotional Quotient℠ (EQ) to explore your ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power of emotions to facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity. Successful leaders and superior performers have well-developed emotional intelligence skills, which makes it possible to work with a variety of people. The EQ measures five dimensions of emotional intelligence:
    • • Self- awareness
    • • Self-regulation
    • • Motivation
    • • Empathy
    • • Social Skills
  5. Personal Branding – Present an Impressive, impactful and authentic Image of yourself. Get comfortable promoting yourself. Your words, presentation and behavior reveal your core values, passions and achievements, so it’s important to make a good first impression. Use these five steps to promote your brand:
    • • Be aware of how you present yourself in the workplace, and how you communicate with colleagues.
    • • Identify what makes you uniquely valuable, then focus on promoting it.
    • • Be authentic by considering what your priorities are and where you want to make changes. Know your personal, professional and skills-based goals, and break them into smaller, short-term goals that are easier to achieve.
    • • Identify your audience, aim your personal brand so it is effective. Your brand should highlight the similarities between your values and beliefs and that of your audience.
    • • Choose your channel of communication to best reach your audience


Team Management Program

It is important your team members fill the roles that are just right for them and their talents. Emerge can help you figure that out by assessing each member of your team to see where they stand compared to the requirements of the role they fill. We can uncover talents, find the gaps that may be holding them back and bring their driving forces to light.

If you know your team’s talents, and can use them appropriately, you and your team will become even stronger and more efficient. We dig deep to identify the most important requirements of each position within your company, and the competencies you are looking for. We assess the skills and driving forces of the people who fill these roles. By identifying these factors, we determine where team members are in comparison to where they should be for the position they are in, and determine any gaps between the two. Once the gaps are identified, we create a personalized development plan to coach your team through the process of how to fill those gaps. We equip you with the tools and knowledge you need for success – now and in the future.

Talent Management is not limited to gauging employees who already fill these positions. These assessments can be used to identify potential employees to determine how close, or far, they are from possessing the skills, driving forces, communication styles, and behavioral profiles essential to filling and excelling within the role.